we make the nicest apps for kids to explore, learn and have a good time. Every time.

No ads ever. One big reason for buying an app to a child is to safeguard what’s displayed on the device in their hands. We get that, and took it to the top of the list in our philosophy. No accidental clicks here.

We get that kids click on buttons. So we don’t ask for ratings in appstores, for notifications settings, or anything else that is not part of the story in the app. We don’t interupt so the kids won’t interupt. Simple.

The goal with our apps is to provide a safe and genuinely fun experience for kids. We try to squeeze as much “un-intentional” learning as possible in to our apps – but the focus is always safe and fun. And awesomeness.

To be or not - philosophy?

We have formulated a brief text that sums up most of our thoughts about what apps for children should - and should not, be.


Crafted with the effort your kids deserve.

We Are Salient

A creative agency that builds awesome stuff all day, every day

Privacy - yes please!

Sweethearts take on privacy is short and sweet, just like Tote!


What real creative freedom feels like in a theme

Pixel Perfection

Salient was built with a high attention to details both in design & code

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